about the land

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to discuss and show and talk about my work and other related land art issues

I am a land artist working with natural material in the landscape making sculptures and taking photographs as a documentation to show my work.

Hope to have other blog members to enter into discussion about my work and to learn more from them about there related discussions and contributions

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katty vandenberghe Author Profile Page said:

Hi Strijdom - I hope you've spent some time reading through the trans-end website and have found some sense of place and inspiration there. I'm quickly dropping a note to draw your attention to two artists in particular, whom I think may be of interest to you. Both of them are touching on the concept of cathedral, but through the lens of nature/body rather than christianity. I think Louise would also be interested with her work on goddess mythology - so I'm introducing you and her to these artists: Majak Bredell and Cheryl Gage. Majak is working with the concept of Alter-image, and Cheryl with 'cathedra natura'... I hope to spark a discussion between the four of you, and maybe even a collaboration of sorts for the trans-end project... herewith their links


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