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It has been such a long time since I have actually given trans_end much thought, so I thought that a good way of getting back into the process, would be to read through everyone else's blogs. Which has been wonderful, because from where I am (London) I miss out on the meetings and all the face to face conversation which is always really helpful. And that is where the whole point of the blog comes in, to be able to transcend the barriers of space and communicate in this other space.

I have started putting ideas in my processbook, mainly because there seems to be so much going on and ideas that flap in and out of my mind and vision, that i can't keep tabs on it all or build up any momentum. I thought that by just putting all sorts of things in i would start to figure out how they all link up and how all the layers slide into place, gladly it seems to be working. But the other important part of all of this is communicating with others and having conversations which act like bridges to the next step, or between ideas that do resonate each other but need to be seen from another point of view to click into place.

I have been thinking about what it means to be a south african out of south africa how i am out of place here and yet not, how being here is being where my ancestors come from. I suppose its the displacement that all immigrants feel. I have also been thinking about how much of what Britain is built up from the wealth that it took from other countries. And how this has had an impact on many things, the gardens and parks with plants from all around the world, particularly designed to show off, what the reach of the empire.

So i want to work with some of these ideas, i am thinking of integrating aspects of southern african nature into british landscapes and other situations in the form of animation, collage and sculpture. The familiar and the unfamiliar, displaced and camouflaged and linking in with what i have already been working on.The image is by no means final work, just a jot from my processbook to get the ball rolling.

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