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by the time this gets to you
words deliberated over, omitted
it will be folded, reread and folded

it will be all rumpled up
by the time this gets to you
 i'll be in a different place
by the time its been:
crushed at the

slipped into my diary,
and then not,
addressed, postcoded, weighed, licked stamped, paid, examined.

to number 22 of that street in this town in that province, in south africa, africa, southernhempishere, earth, solar system, milkyway with love.

by the time this gets to you
none of it will be new(s)
but it will get to you

Trying again

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I am going to give this another go!
So these are my thoughts on what transend means to me:
transend is about the communication between here and there
the travelling between here and there
past and present, how this changes us.

it is the letters from my mother
the postcards i send home
the stories told and untold
it is the emails and the skype video conversations
its is the broken threads of communication, how
despite all these tools of communication glitches seem to happen
the wrong time, the wrong place, misunderstanding

transend is also about how we can take
small positive actions that set into motion new growth
new thoughts, that change our everyday lives and the world around us
it is planting seeds and watering them, tending them.

transend is also about this transitional phase in time
where are we going? what lies ahead? what about our planet?
our spirits?

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