Post-Christian Alter Images

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The image of the great regeneratrix was powerfully captured during the Neolithic Age by the juxtaposition of the nurturing breast implanted with the beak of the bone-stripping vulture. This notion of nurture and death as part of deity forces the idea of no-end, of everything being transformed sooner or later. The Earth Goddess as life-giver and receiver of the dead was eclipsed by the martyred God who rose from the dead to return to his father's house ... I see the sacred earth as our original home ... from dust to dust ... the cycles are endless.

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Hi Majak - I want to draw your attention to Cheryl Gages blog where she speaks about "cathedra natura" - it kind of made a reference to your alter-images concept and I thought the two of you could connect on that. Please let me know if you're struggling with your blog or leaving comments on other people's blogs. A respectful bow, katty.(I'm departing from your alter)

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