New thoughts on Fragmentation

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At present my concept of fragmentation is primarily being focused around food, since I have been suffering from severe food allergies for the past two years, and have to follow a very strict diet routine. This adds to my concept of fragmentation, since the inability to eat in a social context in a society that interacts through and with food, alienates and fragments one even more.  I've had to face the fact that my health is poor and my energy for life fairly low, and this came as a severe shock to someone who tries to exercise regularly and is health-conscious.

I take photographs of food, usually something I'm allergic to, and use close-up cut-outs in a very basic animation that I'm working on.  This is nothing sophisticated, as my knowledge of all things surrounding technology is very poor, but it tries to convey, in a playful way, my bitter frustration with my healthy body gone all awry, adding to all  the other pieces of the life I'm trying very hard to put back together and keep glued together.


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blog dealing with fragmentation of life

My present experience of life is one of a process of fragmentation.  My whole life is literally falling to pieces in every sense of the word.  I am exploring this theme at present by investigating "pieces" of things through various processes such as photography.