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Turning 40 turns something on inside one that tends to send out a sense of panic. Luckily I stepped back a few years ago and reassessed my life and depressions and made some steady but fundamental changes. These days I find myself trying to stitch back what I tore apart as a younger person. It has also made me think a lot more about existence, where it begins, and where it ends, if it ever does. In that sense trans_end (transcend) finds me at the perfect moment to play with these notions as an artist.

One thing we do have is a definate fascination with death and everything that represents it. The following sketch experiment grew out of my discovering a very much dessicated and cleaned up ghecko underneath one of my shelves when I moved my studio around. I kept it in a plastic container for about two years, carefully moving it here then there and gingerly dusting off the box in case any of the fragile bones disintegrated. I eventually decided to commit the remains to scan and bumped into them the other day... I decided it was time to resurrect the ghecko -

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Just a check-in to see if my comment will be allocated immortal status on the web-

a nice theme to explore- it somehow links in my mind with the memory-box conversation we had.

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