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If there is one reason that motivated me to pursue a career in art, it would have to percolate to one particular process: that of portraiture. As far as the trans_end theme goes, a friend pointed out that a portrait is something that transcends time, that leaves a legacy, a record of a moment captured by one individual of another - and left for subsequent generations to absorb. As a digital artist, portraiture holds particular fascination. The act of two people meeting in a place in order for one to record the other sets up a temporary relationship that has always intrigued me. It is the intimacy of the act, the sense of vulnerability, the undercurrent energies captured in the spirit and psychology that has particular appeal. Much like a momentary sex act. Art has a longstanding heritage of portraiture, and as a digital artist I intend to further that legacy.

If anyone has delved into portraiture as a subject, I would welcome some discussion around the topic.

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