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I'm just back from a trans_end meeting with Diek Grobler and Jaco van den Heever and I'm getting better at translating the web in terms of art work and art process. The web offers a set of limitations that takes process and concept into a different direction and opens up a different way of thinking about the same subject matter.

In the same way that paper surface and charcoal set up a set of limitations and possibilities, an artist learns to work within those limitations and manipulate them to maximum effect. The process and medium and the artists' relationship with that is where the magic of delivery happens.

These monthly meetings are powerful in that they offer an opportunity for a few individuals to engage on a specific topic. Everytime a different set of individuals arrive, and it's wonderful to sit down and engage on how their particular work or process can translate into the web.

I've come to understand that my role in all of this needs to be that of 'creative curator'. Because I understand the technical paradigm that I'm setting up here (HTML), I need to be the translator of the artists' work into this space. In order to accomplish this, I will have to sit down with individual artists one at a time and discuss their particular medium, process and concept. I can then transpose that into the technical framework and possibilities of this trans_end space and feed that back into the artists' process. Those who are in other geographical spaces will have to connect via mail or skype.

What this means at the end of the day, is that I will be building the final online artwork in virtual space for each artist without technical know-how who is prepared to submit themselves to the process. A bigger task than I had originally intended, but one I've come to realise as necessary. Much like a gallery curator who orchestrates the exhibition space, I will have to play the role of digital curator/collaborator... but the kind of curation that retranslates the work and weaves it into cyberspace to such an extent that it cannot be replicated in a physical sense. The artworks' physical manifestation will be a different presentation of the same subject matter.

Once the physical exhibition is up, it will become crucial to document that and to add it to the trans_end website. So, at the end of the day, online visitors will be able to experience a sense of both, and the exhibition can transcend the boundaries of now.

To date our studio blog activity has been low and slow. But I do hope that as discussion and art process takes hold, more conversation, process and artwork will manifest itself here.

If you're ready to engage with me, be sure to contact me! Visit the cone (invitation) > participants' page to source my details.

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