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experiments with vector (digital drawing)
the end result will be an interactive work called 'submit'

anni I really enjoy the images, please enlighten me about the title? It's intriguing.

katty I want to build an interactive work of this drawing - you see there's already one title in called 'god's window' which points to the eye's pupil (bottom RHS pic) - I want to build a form where you as browser get to fill in the remaining fields (the white boxes) - in order to send the info to me, you have to then click the 'submit' button - I'm trying to play with the notion that god is within us, and that 'he' looks through our eyes onto the rest of the world - it then poses the question (or tries to) - if this is god's window, what is the rest? 'submit' then asks the browser to submit the information they've entered, but in a way they're also asking the depiction to submit to their notion of what it means to think, smell, feel, taste, hear, take it on the chin, voice etc... I'm trying to play with the subconscious response... in a sense, god's perception is filtered by what we experience and how we process information (I'm referring to the universal god - whatever or whoever that is for whomever) rough thoughts still - I've added the tabs at the top thinking I might alter the states of mind or something - haven't thought that one through yet...

anni I love the idea of the top tabs giving different states of mind. I didn't get the idea of 'god' in all of us through the 'god's window' bit, more that the artist is god in this environment - it probably has to do with the way we do not necessarily identify with the image, but see it as 'other', i. e. expression of the artist's self. I also think that in order to get people to submit their interpretations, you might need to entice them a little - give them options of eyes, facial features to put in, and add more of your own words. At this stage there is too much that the person looking at the art has to do. Just looking with intent is already an effort for most of us. I'm afraid the video-game has taught us all to look for the reward for doing something - a little jingle, a change, a roll-over button... You've already got a whole series of images of that portrait. Maybe they should not all be visible at once, but different variations can be revealed as you activate a 'submission'. The word 'submit' is very powerful. It has wonderful ambiguous connotations. Excellent title. Thus the commentary of an.

katty thanks for the feedback, when I first thought of the idea, I was incredibly impressed with myself, but when I came back to it, I kinda struggled to remember what the original idea was - what you've said makes me understand that I need to be more explicit and purposeful in my meaning...

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