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Pariticipants gathered the first Saturday of every month alternatively in Pretoria and Johannesburg. We exchanged ideas, developed collaborations and find inspiration – or simply get to know each other.

If you are interested, please contact . Directions.


Monthly gatherings suspended. Artists please make physical and virtual contact with to finalise artworks for the online exhibition.

For the lastest works up, please visit the white cube, our online gallery.

Saturday 7th June, 10h30
Salvation Cafe, 44 Stanley, Johannesburg

Saturday 3rd May 2008, 14h00
(in)flux by Janine Lewis
The Rostrum
Technical University of Tshwane


Saturday 5th April, 10h30
Cafe 41, Pretoria

Saturday 2nd February, 10h30
Blah Blah, Johannesburg


Saturday 2nd February, 10h30
Blah Blah, Johannesburg

Saturday 1st December, 10h30
Caf é 41, Pretoria

Saturday 3rd November, 10h30
Blah Blah, Johannesburg

Saturday 6th October, 11h30
Pretoria Zoo, performance by Janine Lewis and Melodie Schoeman

Lion Cage

Saturday 1st September, 10h30
Blah Blah, Johannesburg

Saturday 4th August, 10h30
First creative gathering
Café 41, Pretoria

Website construction

Saturday 2nd June, 11h00
Second technical gathering
Blah Blah, Johannesburg

Saturday 19th May, 11h00
First technical gathering
Café 41, Pretoria


Café 41, Eastwood Centre, Pretoria
N1 North to Pretoria, pass the R21 Pretoria city centre offramp and take the second City Centre offramp onto Schoeman street. Keep right along Schoeman until you have the American Embassy on you left, turn right into Eastwood street, and right into the Eastwood shopping centre. Café 41 is on your left.

Salvation Cafe, Johannesburg
N1 South to Johannesburg, onto the M1 into Johannesburg. Take the Empire offramp and turn right onto Empire road. Keep to the middle lane and move into the left lane after the bridge onramp. Turn left into Owl street and right into Stanley road. 44 Stanley's entrance is on your left opposite the office block tower. Once inside 44 Stanley, turn right until you come to the Blah Blah restaurant on your right.

Initiated June 2007 by
katty vandenberghe
in co-operation with
Anni Snyman and
Eugenie Grobler
Inspired by FACE
Hosting, blog and wiki by


Uploaded 11 Jul 2007,































Trans_end is an attempt at creating a constellation of viewpoints looking towards a future through and beyond the imagined and awaited apocalypse of consensual thought.
If a dream is seen as a manifestation of an individual’s psychological projectory, and often interpreted as a warning regarding the direction things are heading in, religious* myth can be seen as a collective psychological projectory. The warning inherent in the collective dreams of the apocalypse in more than one major religion of our time doesn’t need an army of psychologists to interpret it.
For an individual to have any hope of changing the patterns he is captive to re-enact, it is firstly necessary to recognise such patterns. For huge collectives like those caught in various religions at this stage, it might be impossible to see the writing on their own walls. Even an attempt at psycho-analysing religious mythology itself will seem blasphemous to many, and could incur the wrath of fundamentalists, so it is only with courage and conviction of a different kind that one can attempt to lift the veil of faith to peer beyond.
In ‘ansisters’ – the 2005 creative constellation (see for more information), we investigated female ancestry as a silent voice from our past that might give us clues towards developing different ways of thinking and acting in our own time. In the 2007/8 constellation, we hope to sow some seeds that might only find fertile soil in days to come.
In a beautiful double-helix of prophecy and becoming, katty has suggested that we create the cyber-constellation of trans_end before the physical manifestation of the idea. In more than one way, the cyber constellation is the constellation itself, as well as bringing the future (constellation) into being. 
Over to Katty: “I want to set up trans_end gatherings to discuss building an online constellation that can, and would, only live there. From this virtual expression the physical world experience/ constellation could grow. The focus will not be on information and display, but will be a place where people can go and experience artistic vision translated into virtual space. I want us to set up a web address as a permanent artwork. I'm hoping that as a group we will encompass enough technical know-how and soul caring to build something truly amazing...”

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Anni Snyman, Eugenie Grobler & katty vandenberghe




* 'Religion' is used in its widest possible sense - all dominant belief systems that contribute to the imagined apocalypse – everything from science to the conspiracy theories -  are up for investigation. 

“ Conventional Western perceptions of reality have very defined separations between fact and fiction or objects in space. Cultures like the San blur the boundaries between observed reality and the spirit world. They engage with reality using a range of strategies to deceive bad spirits, so for instance a successful hunter will deny hitting his prey and will only modestly admit to scratching it. The purpose is to avoid giving offence to the spirit of the animal killed. Similarly, myths can contain several contradictory stories like an onion with many layers. Reality is in truth a very complex, multi-layered experience. 
Recent scientific theories like quantum mechanics present a dilemma for Western thought since reality can be described as either particle or wave. The conceptual lexicon is unable to accommodate ambiguity or contradiction. Essentially the entire Western edifice of knowledge is built upon an inadequate understanding of reality. The challenge for this century is to re-synthesize perception. We need to understand that we project what we see. We visualize and assign properties to objects and situations according to predetermined cultural decisions. For instance, we emphasize the individual in Western Culture, imagining a body separate from surroundings. The interpenetrating energies at a sub-atomic level would deny that separation. San people experience the spirit world as a manifestation of their reality and do not emphasize individualism. To them the supernatural is real. Scientific theory has yet to find a way of acknowledging or describing these phenomena.
The reason to develop a new way of seeing is to alter our effect on the environment. Instead of seeing a tree we need to see the larger organism. The individual must relinquish boundaries so that environment merges with self. The San provide an example of a culture that achieves this.”
             Ashley Johnson
– Primal series: Artist’s statement

“The real creator of the value of this work is the one who asks, studies and listens; the one who reframes old concerns in new ways; the one who is willing to let go of false necessities and formative contexts of the past; the one who applies new learning and transforms the ‘self’ in the process; the one who freely shares their own seeds for new ways to think about becoming other kinds of beings. The real creators of this work will find they are able to generate new patterns of thinking and will allow themselves to let go of patterns they relied on in the past.”
             André Venter
– I Ching for the African Renaissance