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> sound piece
> under the bed
> parallel universe
> fragmenting
> alter-images
> about-the-land
> political-scab
> visual-poetry
> african-goddess
> cycles
> transdisciplinary
> mouse
> across_the_waters
> tran_cestors
> vortex
> loose_stone
> Trans_cend to Trans_ceiver
> untamed
> hurricane_lantern
> the_siren
> the_project
> bokkeman

studio participants

  Adele Bahlmann
Amalie von Maltitz
André Venter
Anni Snyman
Belinda Lewis
Cheryl Gage
Chris Taute
Diek Grobler
Diana Page
Debbie Rogers
Eugenie Grobler
Jakes Mfaladi Mbele
Janine Lewis
katty vandenberghe
Kim Trollip
Louise du Toit
Majak Bredell
Melodie Schoeman
Ronell Meijerink
Rowen Ravera
Sarah Fraser
Strijdom van der Merwe
Tian van Heerden



  The trans_end studio is a blog facility where participants are able to upload their discussions, process work and artwork. This area is where ideas can brew and form over time, ultimately concretising into online artworks or physical installations at the trans_end constellation.

The blog  itself can also become an artwork.

Once you've been added as a blogger, you can proceed to studio login and add content to your blog. If you are new to this blog facility, please read through these instructions. If you wish to add images, please look at these image size and compression tips to keep your file size down, and your upload quick.

blog instructions

To add a comment
> Go to studio/
> Browse to the appropriate blog
> Click on Comment (0)
> Go to Leave a comment below
> Sign In with your username and password

To add an entry to your blog
> Go to studio/
> Click on studio login
> Login with your username and password
> Click on Write Entry
> Fill in your title, content and keywords.
> Look at Display Options on the right to activate and deactivate various blog components.
Note: Refresh click the browser Refresh or Reload button to reload your new blog content...


image size and compression tips

> resolution at 72 ppi (or dpi)
> max width and height: 600 pixels
> ideal width: 350 pixels
> resolution: 72 ppi
> compression from an original hi-res photograph: JPEG medium (30%)
> activate Progressive Download where possible
> always keep the original to compress from
> avoid GIFs and PNGs unless you understand their particular purpose


uploading an Image

> round sphere (studio)
> studio login (username, password)
> Write Entry
> Title: of artwork
> Body : Insert Image icon (click)
> Insert Image window:
+ Upload New Image (click)
> Insert Image window:
Browse (click and locate compressed file)
> Options window:
Name (leave as is), Description (caption)

The image will now be inserted into your blog entry. If appropriate, please recreate any words in the image in ordinary text as well, this will facilitate legibility and allow Google to find them.

Click 'Save' and the entry will be published.

Note: Refresh click the browser Refresh or Reload button to reload your new blog content...



  interesting links...

Breathing Earth
Welcome to Breathing Earth. This real-time simulation displays the CO2 emissions of every country in the world, as well as their birth and death rates.
added April 27, 2009

Improving Architecture and City Planning by Harnessing the Ideas behind. Mass Collaboration, Social Networking, Wikis, Folksonomies, ...
added 27 June 2008

activist art
added May 2008

net art about feeling
This work captures online blogs that use the word 'feel' or 'feeling' and quotes them as you interact with the dots. Part of a global project to bring humanitarian issues to the fore. Madiba is involved...
added 13 May 2008

Online new media artist Peter Horvath
Subjective, objective, macroscopic, private, familial
Formally, I see myself as a participant and investigator in the realm of new media art as it exists on the web...
Requires broadband and quicktime player.
added 13 May 2008

Typewriter Orchestra
BTO is a collective endeavor which engages in rhythmic typewriter manipulation combined with elements of performance, comedy and satire.
added 3 May 2008

Online art movement
Artistic Movement for an InterMediterranean Politic was established in Biella in Spring 2002 in the Politics Office of the Cittadellarte–Fondazione Pistoletto. The aim is to bring together, around the regions facing onto the Mediterranean Sea, people and institutions interested in creating new prospects that reach beyond the tragic conflict between different cultures.
added 03 April 2008

Online New Media Fest 2007 is a web blog that is dedicated to online artwork across all the media outputs. 1 November saw the launch of their New Media Festival for 2007. South African sound, video and net artists are featured throughout. In particular, Indigo Boy, an online collaboration between katty vandenberghe and Chris Diedericks, is part of the net.NET I exhibition.

Chantel Ilbury & Clem Sunter

We are foxy, game-playing strategists and the authors of two number 1 best selling books in South Africa: The Mind of a Fox - Scenario Planning in Action, and Games Foxes Play - Planning for Extraordinary Times. The first book topped the national charts for all fiction and non-fiction in 2002 and the second has been the best-selling business book during 2005.
added 11 October 2007

This amazing world clock keeps track of various global statistics and figures.

Performance Studies International
Performance Studies International holds annual conferences for those interested in performance and related fields. This year’s theme is Happening, Performance, Event, which will take place in New York on November 8th-11th 2007, and is being hosted by the Department of Performance Studies, Tisch School of the Arts, New York University in collaboration with Performa, the performance biennial. The fourteenth PSi conference, Interregnum: In Between States, will take place in Copenhagen in August 2008. Looks v interesting – thought I should share…. Janine Lewis. See you there?

Artist with guts
Further suggesting the influence of pop culture on these formally highbrow experiments in art-making is a performance by Debbie Rogers. All we see of her is live feed of the bare-chested artist on a TV screen. Bart Simpson-style, she writes out a line repeatedly across a blackboard. It is punishment for being "a good girl". What gives this work its charm is the fact that Rogers, the flesh and blood version, is actually right there, behind a curtain. We hear the chalk on the board. We see her silhouette. We want to sneak a peek, but nobody does. Sean O'Toole YouTube video >>