The perchance project

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An investigation of %Chance in human relations

My thinking related to chance - and reading Nietzsche - brought me to formulate a hypothesis that %Chance is not a regular attribute in human relations.

I have a facebook interface and decided to make an experiment with some other beings who I have never met. Using Chinese numerolgy I identified one person who should be most open to %Chance (if we can trust the numbers).

Her name is Mishka Masoet ( Then I chose another person for their unusual representation of themselves in facebook space-time. Her name is Lizinda Grobbelaar (

 Then I sent them both the following invitation:

 Mishka Masoet

9 9

Lizinda Grobbelaar

2 2

As part of our contributions to a possible African Renaissance, I invite you to collaborate with me and to make an art work for trans-end 2008.

My explorations are related to %Chance and %Trance


and I want to suggest that you meet each other in a free and open context and that you document your interactions and experiences as comprehensively as possible

and I suggest that you spend 48 hours together with no interruptions from anyone else and resulting from that interaction that we plan and produce an exhibition work for trans-end 2008 together

see also

and I hope you will consider the possibility


So far, I have not had a response, but remain hopefull that they will allow %Chance to enter their human relations practices.

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