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a space to capture tran_cestral whisperings

Trans_end constellated in my field as a logical conclusion to the previous constellation event in which we looked into the past towards our cultural, biological, spiritual and natural ansisters in an attempt to get guidance in how we create today. Another way would be to step into the future, and use imagination and visioning to contact our tr-ancestors (those who come after us) and enter a conversation. The need to do so, springs from a wish to impact the present. When we meet our future selves and create a space in which their voices can be activated in the present, the possibility exists to find a way  (amongst many) to move beyond the current confines of consensual thought and collective fears about the future. We move beyond an experience of time as linear, of identity and outcomes as fixed, into a landscape of possibility.

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Eugenie Grobler said:

this is eugenie leaving a comment (katty toets)

katty vandenberghe Author Profile Page said:

Haai Genie, ek pop net in hier om te sĂȘ dat Majak Bredell 'n paragraaf oor die Swart Madonna op haar blog gesit het. Ek weet jy en Anni het haar bespreek, dus het ek gewonder of ek dalk 'n gesprek daaroor kon aanwakker!

Alles goed,

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