Visual Poetry

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It's all about expression, writing poetry in pictures to bring inspiration to those who are drowning in this ocean called life!!!!!!

Life is serious enough, so laughter with some veggies of inspiration, a pencil, pen & paper, paintbrush or even a can of spray paint is enough to keep me going. Music is the well that I drink my cup of inspiration from.

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katty vandenberghe Author Profile Page said:

Thanks for joining us Jakes! I went to look at your blog and love the work you're doing! (nice music as well!). I'm excited about the possibility of doing internet graffiti - think about out theme trans_end (the apocalypse myth) and let's chat!

Are you going to invite Fixo along for the ride? It's good to get a few people around you in terms of sharing ideas and discussing the issues at hand. Be sure to add that drawing you mailed me the other day to your blog so that people can see what you're working on.

Welcome! I'm really excited about the possibilites, katty

Eugenie Grobler said:

Hi Jakes,

This is actually katty again, testing Eugenie's ability to leave comments (still trying to come to grips with how to run this thing) - sorry for the interruption...

have a good weekend,

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