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'the vortex is .... well.... vortexing, and you'll be swirling down that bowl like everybody else in a clockwise or anti-clockwise direction, depending on whether you're in the northern or the southern hemisphere...' (from Atalanta 07)

it is fascinating how one gets sucked up into things so quickly. before you realise it you have been swept up and carried away. taken with the flow. but what if that flow is not the one you should be taking. how once you are in it do you get out. should you. could you. why? but what if you decide to take control. of the flow. own it. step out of the one you were in. review. reflect. then allow yourself to get swept up in a new direction. but what then? consciously choosing to break the mould, free yourself. be yourself. by projecting what you want to be, then going with the flow. you need to have reached rock bottom to the end of you. to become you. the real you. but sometimes it is thrust upon us. and when you get your head above water (again) you discover that the journey to your destiny continues regardless. sometimes we just need a breather. to live. now 

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