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a doc(you) ment on lie(fe) / ab(use) and me as  I exist in the great /er/ scheme of it all....           tales of intertwinement and confinement in personal space misused.... 

An experimental nonlinear performance.

The place: A space inhabited by various people over time.

Each person's (sub)versive actions expose the tragedies which bounce [trapped] off the walls of the box they find themselves in - and remain to resonate in the lives of subsequent dwellers. 

How do individual trials and tribulations echo in the unifying experience of the collective? Do our experiences pale in the face of humanity?

The time bomb of life explodes. At any moment.  And a bomb has a destiny, the relationship of life between the explosion and the implosion. Something in the midst of, between these forces - leaves us with a dull, uneasy craving for the next collective tragedy.

{in}flux is devised as an international collaboration between drama lecturer Janine Lewis and writer John Goddard (England). This will be the third product of the alliance, following previous successful projects : Inside (looking in) -2004 and Atalanta - 2007.

Verbal exchange takes the form of abstract prose as the characters grapple to make sense of their own realities. Image projections, physical theatre and sound painting become extensions of the performer.

A physical, multimedia exploration with strong surreal undertones.


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